Sub Contractor Declaration

SWRAC is able to provide education services through contracts with the Education and Skills Funding Agency which is a division of the Department of Education. We are required as part of these contracts to provide the following statement.

SWRAC does not believe in the concept of sub-contract education services because the process adds a further layer of administration to the educational process. Thereby, reducing finance available for the direct provision of education. Accordingly, SWRAC does not sub-contract any contracted services.

Ofsted Inspections

SWRAC has always viewed OFSTED inspections positively. They are a great independent check of our believes, our administration and our teaching processes. We feel that we are always able to learn from the OFSTED Inspectors observations.

The links below provide individual links to all of our previous inspections.

September 2021
February 2017
June 2013
September 2011
August 2008

Should you wish to discuss any element of our OFSTED reports , we’d be very pleased to hear from you!