About SWRAC Teaching, Mentoring and Training Organisation

SWRAC: What we do

We originally started out as a training organisation serving the needs of the Environmental Management Industry, but since 2005 we have morphed into an organisation which can be likened to a small college – with the aims of helping people fulfil their potential within society.

We provide a range of educational activities to young adults. We Support individuals to thrive through real-life and relevant education programmes.

Our vision – To recognise potential in everyone and contribute positively to their success.

A SWRAC branded van parked outside a large, old manor house

Our Intentions

Our intention is to provide people with the skills, knowledge and experience to:

  • Be independent & resilient

  • Grow into education, employment or meaningful activity

  • Live healthily & sustainably

  • Develop and maintain healthy relationships

  • Grow socially & contribute positively to communities & local economies

  • Be safe

Our mission

  • Provide relevant and real-life educational programmes

  • Be open, responsible & ethical

  • Promote sustainability

  • Be respectful, compassionate & supportive

  • Be ambitious for everyone

A group of 5 adults holding signs that say SWRAC & BAPTA, Bournemouth & Poole Tourism Awards 2018

Our Relaxed Approach

Our ethos is genuinely one of openness, care and respect for all who come through our doors. Corporately we believe that if we treat learners well, so that they succeed, then commercial success will follow.

We have a light-hearted and relaxed attitude toward learning. We have found this helps people feel at ease and confident when working with us, and in turn, we believe this helps them progress.

We have deliberately kept this website short and sweet, to give you a brief overview of what we do. We feel it is much more productive to chat things over, so please use the site to learn a bit about us and how we work, and then give us a call to flesh out the details a little. We’d be delighted to hear from you!

A framed BAPTA education award presented to South West Regional Assessment Centre

What does SWRAC mean?

Sometimes pronounced “SHRAC”, sometimes “SARAC” and sometimes “SRAC”, we don’t really mind how people pronounce our name as our official name, South West Regional Assessment Centre Limited is a bit of a mouthful!

Our name comes from our historic local roots but nowawdays we work throughout the UK, way beyond our original South West regional boundaries. Plus we are now a teaching, mentoring and training organisation – so not much of the Assessment Centre any more. So, plain old SWRAC works just fine!

Company Policies: If you require any copies of the SWRAC Company Policies, please email us mail@swrac.ac.uk or telephone us on 01202 848099.

Read our SWRAC Brochure

Our brochure will allow you to learn a lot more about what we do at SWRAC in greater detail


Want to know more about SWRAC?

Simply contact us for an informal chat – we’d love to hear from you.