SWRAC Advisory Board Expertise in Governing & Support

The SWRAC Advisory Board has established stronger Governance with sharper and more purposeful Board arrangements.

The SWRAC Advisory Board is characterised by

  • A small committed Board appointed for their skills and experience
  • Clear Terms of Reference identifying the advisory nature of the Board and its responsibility for advising the company owners (the ultimate decision makers)
  • A schedule of meetings with pre-agreed agenda, written reports and timely minutes capturing key discussion and agreed actions
  • A supportive, open and, where necessary, challenging culture focussed on the achievement of aspirational aims and objectives
  • Conduct which stands up to scrutiny and sets a tone for the organisation as a whole

Board Objectives

  • Ensuring that there is a clear Organisational Vison
  • Scrutinising and Challenging Performance
  • Ensuring that the organisation is in good financial health
  • Ensuring high-quality teaching and learning
  • Considering and taking account of stakeholder views
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of key policies including:
    • Safeguarding & Prevent
    • Health & Safety
  • Ensuring effective staff performance management
  • Challenge, support and hold to account the Leadership & Senior Management Team
  • Provide Independent Scrutiny of SWRAC activities
  • Ensure Governing members are knowledgeable

Advisory Board Members