Learners' Case Studies Sharing Their Learning Journey

What Do Our Learners Think?

“SWRAC are doing a lot for me and I’m a lot more focused and independent now.  Holly and Helen are lovely.  They’re there for me and they understand.  I know I can call them if I need them.”

“I like coming to SWRAC because it helps me to socialise. I like learning at SWRAC and I hope to get a job at some point in the future.”

“Like having Nat as a Tutor because she understands me and like coming here because I’m settled. My attendance is great and my mum is so happy. I feel safe here and everyone is kind.  Everywhere I’ve been I’ve been bullied but not at SWRAC.”

“It is easy to learn here, because it is a smaller environment with less people in a class.  There is more structure here and the staff explain everything clearly.  I don’t get super angry here, which is really good.  I used to get super angry at school.  I’ve got some friends here too.”

“You learn a lot more here because of the classes being small.  I am a lot more confident now and have the confidence to ask when I need help. I come here to learn and be ready for work.”

“I like learning and the people. Everyone is friendly. Holly and Helen are nice because they support us.”

“SWRAC have helped me find some work experience in a vape shop.  Before I came to SWRAC, I didn’t have a clue about what a job entailed and I’ve recently had to use my communication skills to resolve something at work experience. Everyone at SWRAC is nice.  I like having banter and doing work.  I’m more confident with work, problem solving and using buses now.  I don’t really have any meltdowns now as I’ve got better at knowing when I’m angry and dealing with it.”

“We have a laugh here and I’ve made new friends.  The tutors are the best! I used to get very nervous, but now I will pop to the shop next door during break times,  when I’m at SWRAC. I’m doing 10/10!”

“I enjoy SWRAC because it’s more relaxed than mainstream college.  It’s smaller groups and less chaotic. I come to get an education.  I feel safe.”

“I’m getting on well because I’m getting support and the teachers understand how I feel when I’m low.  Tracy sees me some days at 12 o’clock to find out how I’m feeling and I let Marc know I am feeling.  Sometimes I talk to Andrea about my feelings as well.  I’m here because mainstream and long hours didn’t work for me.  I find the work alright here and if it gets difficult, I get support.”

“I like seeing the members of staff and meeting new people. I want to get a practical job. Thank you for helping us to learn Holly and Helen.”

“I get a lot of help from the teachers.  They speak clearly and help me with my writing.  If I have any problems I can go and speak to Holly or Will.  I’m here to help me get into work and improve my maths and English.  I want to get a job in a garden centre and  Lorna has  been helping me with my CV.  I am happy at SWRAC and I feel safe here.”

“I want to focus on getting somewhere in life and SWRAC can help me do that.  SWRAC has the right things to help me get a job.”

“I come to SWRAC to help me get more independent and to get a job.  I like everything about SWRAC and I get a lot of support in the classroom.”

“Hayley and Melia are very lovely people, they are very supportive and have a sense of humour.  I was kicked out of a secondary school and other placements broke down.  My social worker found SWRAC.  I really like it here because everyone friendly.  I want to do hair and beauty course and Andrea has been helping me apply to the college.  I’m definitely more confident now.”

“It’s inviting here. Everyone around is uplifting and understanding. Holly and Helen are supportive, they listen and they understand.”

“I like the friendly atmosphere at SWRAC. I feel comfortable here, I’m not stressed and I can relaxed. Hopefully I can find a job that I like in the future.  I feel safe and respected here.”

“I’d say it’s banging here! I do like the atmosphere and I don’t have to try and fit in. I’m here to get my Math and English and to get prepared for life.  I want to be someone and do something!  I’m going to college to do level 1 bricklaying and I’m ready for it.  Marc has helped me build my confidence and understand the work.  He is good teacher because he’s supportive and he keeps me motivated.  Marc is sound, he listens to us and makes people feel comfortable when they’re sharing their opinions.”

“I like the Maths & English because it is fun. I feel safe and happy. If I get stuck on anything, I get help in class.”

“It’s a nice environment, because everyone is so friendly and that’s nice.  Holly and Helen are very supportive, very nice a good at helping us.  Staff and my friends here, make me feel safe.”

“It is so much better than mainstream here.  I use a big screen and Hayley and Melia make text bigger, if I need it.  I learn more here in 3 hours than what I was learning during a fully day at mainstream. We used to get a 15 minute break but it’s only 10 minutes now.  15 minutes was better for me as it helped my eyes adjust. I have access to the Prodigy system here, but I prefer not to use it.  I don’t feel I need it.”

“SWRAC is really nice.  The teachers are really different, they make the learning easy to understand and they are very helpful and sweet.  I’m here to gain independent and work skills for when I leave.”

“This is my first year at SWRAC and it’s been good for me.  I’m coming back next year to do a Traineeship.  It’s calm here and in some ways I feel like I’m treated more like an adult. I speak to Andrea from time to time.  Marc has done more for me in 3 to 4 months than mainstream ever did!”

“Staff are great, not too many people and I get on well with people in the class.  Learning lots of things.  At the moment we’re learning how to budget for a meal.  I’m working towards English & Maths at Level 1. I get LSA support during lessons and I’m confident to ask for support when I get stuck. I have an overlay and workbooks/worksheets printed on pink paper.”

“I was kicked out of school at the start of year 8. I could never learn in mainstream school.  I didn’t go to school for 2 years.   I like it here because there are less people and teachers help me understand.  Tony is good, he explains things good.  I get support from an LSA and people understand me here.”

“SWRAC is a safe place for me and I like coming here.  Holly and Helen are friendly and supportive.”

“SWRAC are friendly, the teachers and staff are really nice. When I first heard about SWRAC, I didn’t want to go. SWRAC are helping me prepare for getting a job and hopefully one day I will get a job. SWRAC teachers are very good at picking up on when there is something up.”

“It’s actually really enjoyable here, because now I am on the Get in to work course I’m learning how to write a CV and prepare for work.  I really want to get a job. Will and Colleen are good support  and I feel safe at SWRAC.”

“I like meeting the staff and students, because I find it easier to socialise with others at SWRAC.  It’s smaller here.  I like the hang out room.  I come here to boost my confidence and to get ready for any opportunity/new experiences that come long.”

Case Studies

We have put below just a handful of Case Studies showing the journey’s some of our learners have made since being with us. We hope you enjoy the read!