CEIAG Careers, Education, Information, Advice & Guidance

Providing Key Employability Skills

SWRAC is committed to equip learners with the knowledge, skills and opportunities to enhance their employability profile and prepare them for their next steps. Through a broad and balanced programme, learners will be able to embed key employability skills and make them an asset to employers.

Learners will be supported across SWRAC’s programmes, centres and CIAG service to allow them to follow their individual paths and secure their progression into employment or further training.

Personal Career Guidance

SWRAC will ensure that each student is offered the opportunity to develop the necessary skills to begin their career journey through receiving personal career guidance along with access to all teaching and learning strategies irrespective of gender, race, and ability.

As set out in the Baker Clause, we will give all our learners the opportunity to have access to education, apprenticeships and training providers ensuring they have the best impartial advice for their future aspirations.

What is Careers, Education, Information, Advice & Guidance?

Education: exposure to learning about careers and the world of work. This is done through our courses and through visits to industry, attendance at events such as the Careers and Apprenticeship Show and careers fairs, visits from people in different jobs, work experience placements, community projects and use of good quality careers websites and information.

Information: provision of factual information. For example, a college prospectus that gives you information about the courses that a college offers, use of careers websites such as Career Pilot.

Advice: an opinion or a suggestion given about what you could do in a particular situation, e.g. if you say you want to be a hairdresser you might be told that you could go to college or do an apprenticeship and the person offering advice might tell you what they think would be best for you.

Guidance: through Personal Guidance with your careers practitioner (qualified to level 4 or 6 in CIAG), you will learn more about yourself, your skills, abilities and areas of interest. We will explore your career ideas with you and encourage you to research these further using careers information. We will provide you with sources of accurate, up-to-date, impartial information and advice on routes into employment / volunteering, education and training.

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