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SEND Provisions

SEND learners making sandwiches

Prepare for Life

This year long programme will focus on developing your personal and life skills.

This programme concentrates on the behaviours, attitudes, skills, knowledge & understanding needed to lead a fulfilled life and to deal with everyday life experiences. The programme is tailored to meet your individual needs as identified in SWRAC’s base line assessment and in your EHCP outcomes focusing on the required areas such as; preparing a simple meal, travelling independently, using money, making a bed, using a dishwasher etc.

SEND Learners on their work experience

Prepare for Work

This year long programme develops your employability skills.

This is often the next step after achieving the ‘Prepare for Life’ programme. This programme concentrates on the work-related behaviours, attitudes, skills, knowledge and understanding needed for you to progress onto the next stages of your education or into a work setting.

Group of Supported Internship learners with their tutor. Sitting outside.

Supported Internships

This year long programme is heavily work focused and would be suitable if you already have many of the skills required to enter the world of work. Often you would progress onto this after completing our ‘Prepare for Work’ programme.

Students and staff standing outside Merley House holding a banner reading THRIVE

SWRAC Thrive

The ‘Thrive’ programme is for young adults (ages 16-30) with learning difficulties, low-level physical disabilities and/or low-level mental health concerns.

Alternative Education Provision

A group of supported internship learners

Vocational Study Programme

A group of learners in hi vis jackets be shown a factory

Routes to Employment

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During this academic year long programme you will learn about the industries with employment opportunities in your local community, which have been identified by the Local Skills Improvement Plan as being high need, growth and innovation sectors. You will also visit a variety of workplaces, have taster sessions and will undertake a period of work experience.

This academic year long programme provides you with classroom and practical learning teaching you the behaviours, attitudes, skills, knowledge and understanding needed to be successful in your future work or education setting.

This academic year long programme delivers training to young people around developing entrepreneurial skills.

Whilst on the programme you will develop behaviours, attitudes skills and knowledge necessary be successful in business. You will also develop business ideas and practise practically by making a pop-up business, preferably with the aim of helping out in your community.

Our programmes focus on:

Building Confidence
Employability Skills
Social Skills
Work Experience
IT Skills
Travel Training
Work Environment
English & Maths

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We work with young adults aged between 16 & 30 with Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND) and with young adults who are 16-18 who require an alternative education provision to mainstream school or college.