• Apprenticeships

    Apprenticeships are a fantastic opportunity to continue to develop your knowledge and skills once employed. The Apprenticeship Framework of qualifications takes a minimum of 12 months to achieve and is usually delivered in the workplace with the essential elements of developing English and Maths delivered away from the workplace.

    We can support employers to find candidates to fill an Apprenticeship vacancy; or to help employers up skill their existing staff or offer to work with people looking for an apprenticeship to find offer support to find one.

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  • Worldwide Waste Wise

    Worldwide Waste Wise offers training, assessment, mentoring and just plain common sense advice. We are a zero risk level WAMITAB centre known for our professionalism, enthusiasm, innovation and high quality delivery. We have experience in all types of waste management sites - be they large or small, we’ve seen it all!


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  • Merley House Events

    Merley House is an excellent environment for any business meeting, seminar or conference. The facilities consist of four main conference rooms, each of which is individually designed - with most of the decorations going back to when the house was first built in the 1750's.

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