SWRAC Team Building Weekend

On Friday 1st October two teams led by Fritz the Bear and Benson Bear departed from Merley House.

Their mission was to get to a grid reference point on The Isle of Wight using public transport only. Points were awarded for the first team to arrive safely, the least money spent, the most unusual methods of transport used and the funniest video diary. Fritz and Benson both wanted their picture taken in Eastleigh and needed to eat an unusual lunch. To follow their journeys see the Merley House facebook page.

The winning bear and team is still being debated! Help us decide by leaving us a message on facebook or a comment on the website!

On day 2, reunited, both bears and teams took over the Isle of Wight Steam Railway and learnt about shunting, coupling and driving the trains.

See how we got on: Isle of Wight Steam Railway

A fabulous weekend was had by all with much thanks to the Priory Bay Hotel in the Isle of Wight, everyone at the Isle of Wight Steam Railway, Adrian Gunner for organising it all and of course Fritz and Benson!