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Listed below are our current vacancies. Our organisation has a strong and genuine ethos of trying to do what is right for our learners. Our core programmes follow the ‘Preparing for Adulthood’ themes of Employability, Health, Social Involvement and Independence. These four areas are equally applicable to our Alternative Provision Students or our students who have Special Educational Needs. We also offer training programmes for unemployed adults – in the construction, hospitality and tourism sectors.

When filling our posts we look for people with a great sense of humour and an enthusiasm to help people achieve the best they can be. Whilst in many roles it is a requirement that you possess certain qualifications, we do like to consider your personal skills and positive attitude as a main priority. We absolutely welcome applications from anyone and we will appoint on the basis of the ‘best person for the job’.

We do try to be a good employer, we recognise that people have families and will try to be as flexible as we possibly can and will be pleased to receive any proposals you have for alternatives to full time hours/job shares/flexible working  – obviously within the constraints of what the work requires. We offer quite generous holiday entitlements and always have a break at Christmas to recharge the batteries. We do not work strictly to the traditional school term system so you can flexible with your holiday timings.

We operate out of 4 main centres , Wimborne (Merley House), Dorchester/Weymouth, Bournemouth and Liverpool (yes, Liverpool). All roles will be allocated a particular base and for the majority of the time this will be your normal place of work. However, sometimes we will ask to help out in other areas where the need arises but, don’t worry , we are not unreasonable and will not ask you to do anything too out of the ordinary.

We work with many vulnerable children and adults. You will understand that we have to make sure that ensuring the safety of all is of utmost priority. All appointments have to be subject to appropriate levels of DBS , references and ID checks.

In any job application process, there is generally only 1 person who finally gets appointed and, whilst we’d like to employ everyone its not possible to do so. If you aren’t successful, we are very sorry but it doesn’t mean that we wouldn’t consider you for any other post or to apply again – it just means on that occasion someone ‘pipped you to the post’!

If you’d like to apply for any of the roles, we’d be delighted to hear from you. Please send us  your CV, a covering letter detailing what your motivations are for applying and (no more than) one side of A4 suggesting what you might bring to the job and ideas of what you’d do if successful. We’d be very happy  to chat over things informally before you make your application.

Call us on 01202 848099 for a quick chat and/or email your CV to

Thank you for your interest, we’ll be very pleased to hear from you.

Construction Tutor – Merseyside

Salary: £24500 depending on qualifications and experience

We have been very fortunate in being awarded a new contract under the Liverpool City Region Adult Education Budget. This has enabled us to expand our provision and, as such, we are on the hunt for a lively and exciting tutor to support our  team based in the L3 district of Liverpool (the cornmarket sector).

The role is to deliver foundation level training in construction and health and safety qualifications. The short training programme is to enable unemployed people to work toward achieving a CSCS card and ultimately achieve employment outcomes. The requirements for the role are that you have qualifications allowing to you be a tutot (e.g. PTLLS or equivalent) and some real life vocational experience in health & safety and construction (or similar technical industry). Also, as a professional tutor, you’ll have to get to grips with learner portfolios ensuring that these are completed accurately and on time.

Most importantly though is a sense of humour, a genuine desire to support disadvantaged people succeed and a willingness to ‘muck-in’ with a small team who have an amazing enthusiasm to  make things work !

If you are interested, we’d love to hear from you. In the first instance either drop us an email at the email address or phone Adrian on 07841 784000 if you’d like a chat before hand!

We look forward to hearing from you.

The main areas of responsibility are:

  • Tutoring Construction based health & safety qualifications
  • working with unemployed adult learners
  • Preparing learners for online City & Guilds tests
  • Running induction sessions prior to learning programmes
  • Meet quality and achievement targets
  • Ensure accurate and timely completion of learner files, ILR paperwork, registration, progress and attendance systems.
  • Help with recruitment of learners
  • Participate fully as a member of a small team


Salary: £24,500 (pro rata) upwards depending  on experience, qualification level and working hours.

We are currently looking for a tutor to help us work with young adults on Traineeship and SEND programmes as well as our Alternative Provision services. Most of this provision will be in the North of Dorset (Shaftesbury, Gillingham, Sherborne, Sturminster Newton and surrounding rural areas) and sometimes in the Dorchester/Weymouth areas. Tutoring will either be withing our mobile classroom, our offices or public venue dependent upon the needs and student. You will need to be flexible in your approach to tutoring with a huge amoung of patience and good humour!

The main roles of the position are:

  • Responsible for supervision of allocated Support Assistants.
  • Delivery of education programmes as required by Centre Managers.
  • Delivery of Inspirational teaching with freedom to use your own experience and delivery techniques.
  • Delivery of lessons outside of built classrooms.
  • Development/adaption of lesson plans & schemes of work.
  • Accurate & timely completion of all required learner documents including ILR & Learner Portfolios.
  • Meeting all IQA and EQA quality requirements.
  • Learner pastoral care and/or signposting.
  • Participation with all quality monitoring/inspections.
  • Accurate and timely completion of SWRAC attendance system(s).
  • Quarterly 1:1 reviews of support assistants.
  • Referrals to IAG/careers advice service.
  • Relationship & Sexual Education.
  • Citizenship.
  • Equality and diversity.
  • Champion for 1 or 2 roles within the company for example :-
    • Equality & Diversity.
    • Prevent/British Values.
    • Student Council.
    • Community – volunteering posts.
    • Pastoral/emotional wellbeing.
    • Resilience.
    • Inspirational Teaching.
    • Mental Health.
    • English/Maths.
    • Outdoor activities.
    • Spritual & personal development.
    • Microsoft Word/Excel accreditation.
    • Digital Development
    • Traineeship Lead.
    • AP Lead.
  • Reporting to Centre Managers

Engagement Manager –  now filled

Salary: £32,000 (pro rata) upwards depending on experience and working times.

Sorry, This role is now under offer !

The Engagement Management role is a new role within the organisation and will be a member of the SMT. The role is key to ensure that students are recruited, engaged and supported throughout their period of learning with us. This will involve developing relationships with commissioning organisations, working with professionals where students ‘wobble’ and developing mentoring programmes. Also responsible to ensure that all the EHCP processes, consultations and reviews are undertaken in a timely and accurately manner to meet the requirements of the commissioning organisations and the SEND Code of Practice. Together with the SENCO, the role will be the main point of contact for commissioning organisations and local authority SEND teams. This will require great written and aural communication skills, a ‘can-do’ attitude and good IT ability – especially through the use of Word, Excel and bespoke recording systems.

Initially the geographic coverage will be the whole of Dorset, working closely with the Centre Managers and Head of Learning to ensure that all requirements are met. Once provision in Dorset has built to a significant extent, separate Engagement Teams will be established for both sides of the County and this postholder will cover either the Dorset or Bournemouth areas of activity.

The post holder is responsible for the following staff members :-

  • SENCO and SENCO assistant
  • Engagement Officer
  • Employer Engagement Officer
  • Mentors
  • Job coaches

The main requirements of this role are:

  • Responsible for SENCO, SENCO assistant, Engagement Officer, Employer engagement officer, mentors and Job Coaches
  • Ensuring student recruitment targets are met
  • Ensure the recruitment, engagement and learning starts of students
  • Ensure all learner application forms and other administrative requirements are completed in a timely and accurate manner
  • Ensure appropriate support/IAG/mentoring is offered to learners who disengage
  • Monitor attendance registers to identify disengaged learners
  • Development of local authority SEND teams and relevant staff from other referral organisations. Regular liaison
  • Ensure all EHCP requirements are met including; response to consultations, Annual Reviews are arranged and undertaken
  • Manage Job Coaches and allocation to learners and/or work experience locations
  • Development of family liaison relationships with parents of students
  • Prepare and submit proposals to commissioners
  • Contribution to OFSTED, MATRIX and other quality inspections.
  • Prepare and submit Access to Work claims to DWP
  • Liaise closely with Centre Managers and Head of Learning to ensure learner engagement and welfare needs are met
  • Reporting to Head of Learning
  • Examples of Champion roles are
    • Equality & Diversity.
    • Prevent/British Values.
    • Student Council.
    • Community – volunteering posts.
    • Pastoral/emotional wellbeing.
    • Resilience.
    • Inspirational Teaching.
    • Mental Health.
    • English/Maths.
    • Outdoor activities.
    • Spritual & personal development.
    • Microsoft Word/Excel accreditation.
    • Traineeship Lead.
    • AP Lead.

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