Apprenticeships are a fantastic opportunity to continue to develop your knowledge and skills once employed. The Apprenticeship Framework of qualifications takes a minimum of 12 months to achieve and is usually delivered in the workplace with the essential elements of developing English and Maths delivered away from the workplace.

We can support employers to find candidates to fill an Apprenticeship vacancy; or to help employers up skill their existing staff or offer to work with people looking for an apprenticeship to find offer support to find one.

6 things you need to know about Apprenticeships:

  1. Apprenticeships are for any age group
  2. Apprenticeships are for new appointments and for established employees
  3. SWRAC can provide apprentices or we can train your employees
  4. SWRAC has funding to train apprentices, which dependant on age and circumstance may require a contribution from the employer
  5. Apprenticeships are planned over an agreed timeframe with periods of classroom based training and workplace observation and assessment
  6. What this achieves – confident individuals who are health and safety aware, trained to industry standard and in receipt of a recognised qualification
  7. If you take on someone as an apprentice who is currently unemployed, they can work with you for 12 weeks for nothing, under the Job Centre Plus Work Experience Programme.

If you have any questions or if you would like some more information on what Apprenticeships can do for your business or for you as an individual please telephone 01202 848099 or email us at