IAG Service Statement

South West Regional Assessment Centre (SWRAC) aims to deliver a range of independent and impartial information and advice services to learners and employers.

What we can provide:

  • Advice on personal development
  • Advice on future career & job options
  • Advice & information on workbased learning and training options
  • Advice and information on homebased learning and training options
  • Identification of additional courses and/or units within these courses where appropriate
  • Assistance with issues to do with Continuing Professional Development
  • Signposting to other IAG services where what is required is beyond our expertise
  • Information on safeguarding and equality & diversity issues

Accessible and visible

The service should be recognised and trusted, be able to signpost and refer on as appropriate and be available in a format suitable to the partner, stakeholder or client.

Professional and knowledgeable

SWRAC staff have the skills and knowledge to be able to indentify quickly and effectively the partner, stakeholder or client’s needs and refer on if necessary.  Where SWRAC staff are new to the industry or to their post appropriate training & support will be given to ensure that the service is provided at the highest possible level of expertise.

Effective connections

Links between different services should be clear and support in transferring between services should be available.

Availability, quality and delivery 

The service should be targeted at the needs of clients and learners and be informed by social and economic priorities at local, regional, national and sectoral levels.


The range of the services should reflect the diversity of the client or learner needs.


The service should support partners, stakeholders or clients to make informed decisions based on their needs.


The service should reflect the present and future needs of employers, clients and learners.

Friendly and welcoming 

The service should encourage clients, employers and learners to engage successfully with SWRAC and in a way that instills them with confidence and comfort.


The IAG service should encourage and support, clients and employers to access and use information to increase capacity and sustainability in the sector, and learners to access and use information to plan their careers and explore the implications for both learning and work.


Partners, stakeholders, clients, employers and learners should be aware of the IAG services that are relevant to them and have well informed expectations of those services.


All information disclosed to SWRAC will be dealt with confidentially and what will be recorded and may need to be shared will be explained.


SWRAC actively encourages feedback in order to continuously improve the effectiveness of the service through monitoring and evaluation.

SWRAC Core Values 

  • We value collaborative working to enhance the role of the voluntary and community sector in the learning agenda
  • We believe in the unique contribution the sector can make towards social cohesion and stronger communities
  • We believe the sector is best placed to work with hard to reach learners and make a positive difference to their lives and aspirations
  • We believe in a team ethos with everyone working together, supporting each other and valuing the diversity that individuals bring from their own experiences and background
  • We believe that the learner should be at the heart of decision making
  • We strive for excellence in all that we do